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Dave Hampton to Share Perspective at the “Future of the Recording Studio” Panel in the NAMM H.O.T. Zone

Future of the Recording Studio – Cloud Recording and Other Tools

Presented by SPARS

Saturday January 15, 2011 / 1:30 -2:45P

Room 204A


Tom Kenny, Editorial Director Mix Magazine, will discuss the future of the recording studio. The audience will take in different perspectives from the highly experienced and diverse panelists. Topics covered include: traditional studio operations, room design, acoustic product, buying trends, data management, cloud recording, and new innovations.


Tom Kenny- Mix Magazine

Tom is Editorial Director of Penton Media’s Audio Group, which includes Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix Magazines. After graduating from Indiana University with a master’s degree in journalism in 1988, he joined Mix as an Editorial Assistant and over the past two decades has authored hundreds of articles on recording, sound for picture, live sound and the studio business. He has had a front-row seat in the recording industry’s transformation into the digital age and has been tracking the evolution toward a hybrid personal studio/commercial studio production model since his first feature for Mix on John Mellencamp’s Belmont Mall Studios back in 1989.


Dave Hampton – CEO, MATK Corp.

Dave is an Audio Engineer, Studio Designer, Author, and Educator with more than 25 years of experience. Through his company MATK Corp. he maintains a reputation for creating unique solutions for various artists and excellent client satisfaction. Hampton is trusted and called upon by some the entertainment industry’s biggest stars. In his role as technical consultant, Dave has been pivotal in supporting the production and engineering of projects for many artists across all genres of music. His client list includes: Lady Gaga, Prince, Herbie Hancock, M.I.A., Maxwell, Justin Timberlake, Babyface, Marcus Miller, RZA, Rafael Saadiq, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. In June of 1998 Dave was one of four featured studio designers in Mix magazine. Twelve years later he has designed and built rooms for some of music’s finest. As a technical consultant Dave keeps his clients several steps ahead of the trend. He is a ‘Game Changing’ solutions provider who incorporates emerging trends and existing production needs into new innovative designs.

Tina Morris – Studio Manager, The Village Recorder

Tina started her career in music as a Guitar and Music Production/Engineering student at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Immediately after college she started her professional career at Sound Techniques giving her a head start as an engineer and studio tech, working with some of the best in the business. After years of gigging with her band as a heavy metal guitarist, working as a freelance engineer for NPR, Q Division Studios and The Blue Man Group she decided to move to LA with her husband John Joyce. After moving she landed the position of head evening tech for The Village Studios. Continuing to impress employers and clients alike with her expertise, Tina’s hard work was rewarded with a promotion to her current position as Studio Manager of The Village. Now the proud mother of her first son Jackson, Tina still manages to balance her role of manager and mom.

George Shaw – Glyph Production Technologies

Dr. George Shaw is an active educator, composer, performer and music  industry consultant with more than 35 years in the business. He holds a PhD in Music Education from The University of Oklahoma. In addition to his day to day musical endeavors, Dr. Shaw serves as the educational representative for Glyph Technologies, the leading manufacturer of Hard drive storage devices for the entertainment industry.

Ed Fassio – Exsilio Solutions, Inc.

As a Tech veteran and IT Solution Provider, Ed has two decades of experience leading world-class service organizations and record-breaking sales revenues for companies such as Adobe Systems, Microsoft Corporation, Nextel Communications and Apple Computer. His history includes responsibilities as a systems engineer, technology consultant, and business development manager.

Fassio has been a featured presenter at MacWorld, COMDEX, CES, NAB and SIGGRAPH. Established as a subject matter expert and trusted advisor, he is best known for showcasing the latest IT developments in hardware and software for the entertainment, print, gaming, hospitality, manufacturing and legal industries.

In tandem with Irvine-based Exsilio Solutions, (an IT Solutions Consulting firm specializing in custom development) Fassio continues to educate and participate in think-tank focus groups for independent entrepreneurs, small-to-medium businesses and corporate factions. Through Exsilio’s consulting services, Fassio helps clients explore ways to combine branding, sales and marketing with technology tools that enable true business agility within the evolving, and socially powered internet marketplace.

In mid-2008, Fassio launched Las Vegas-based Itchy Metal Entertainment. Initially a PR firm, he expanded the company’s capabilities to support and accelerate the growth of Indie music projects. Today, IME has evolved into a new media agency comprised of industry experts as an innovative way to market, manage, develop, promote and distribute unique content and independent works by leveraging emerging technology platforms and partners.

Randy Emata – Producer, Engineer, Music Director

Long before Randy’s recording and producing career, he first started off as a pianist at the youthful age of five. Being classically and jazz trained, he balanced teaching and performing gigs as an adolescent. But it was not until his son was born, Dakota Miles, where his lifelong career took off.

Originally from San Francisco, Randy moved to Los Angeles to pursue a more fitting and diverse career. He works from his home studio as well as popular known studios, such as The Village Recorders or the famous Capitol Studios.  With a background of musical knowledge, vast amount of pre-production and tech savvy, working with clients does not make them feel like its “just work”. He creates an environment where they can breathe to their fullest potential.

Emata’s work is just diverse as his clientele. It is not uncommon to find him mixing a CD project, turning out a re-mix, editing vocals from natural sounding to Auto-Tune, consulting in production, or studio organization and design, which is an extension of his character.

George Adjieff – West LA Music

George is a music industry veteran and the well-respected VP at West LA Music. He has been serving the professional audio community for decades. www.westlamusic.com