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Branding Strategies For Music Pros
Stand Out From Crowd!


Making music is what you love to do, and sharing it with the world is your dream. However, such competitive economic times makes it hard to stand out. Branding Strategies for Music Pros illuminates how to create a great first impression and a strong brand image that attracts the right people. Producer/Engineers Dave and Lisa Hampton and Marketing/Branding Specialist Chandra Lynn present proven marketing techniques along with a Ten Action Steps Challenge designed to help you experience immediate results from your branding initiatives.

Watch the DVD and learn how to…

Branding Strategies for Music Pros was presented at the NAMM show to a live audience of artists, producers, musicians and engineers. From naming and visual presentation to publicity and advertising, now you can own the DVD to guide you through the branding process.


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The Business of Audio Engineering

Once you have trained to become a professional audio engineer, you’ll find it’s a real jungle out there in the professional world. How do you know your value and set a rate? How do you get paid? How do you really make money as an engineer or establish yourself up as a business? How do you promote your work, market your services, and manage your operation?

The Business of Audio Engineering dives head-first into the real world of the professional audio engineer, teaching you all you need to know about the professional life of the audio engineer, taught by an award-winning top engineer, presenting real strategies and concepts for making a real living as an audio engineer. From attracting clients to keeping them, from hiring studios to working in your own, from working with problem artists, producers and labels to handling a crisis or keeping one from happening, author Dave Hampton has the advice you need to manage your audio engineering career like the business it truly should be.
“This book is required reading for anyone seriously interested in audio engineering as a career. Dave’s knowledge, versatility and integrity have made him one of the most respected engineers in the business. His entrepreneurial approach and constant desire to push the envelope have allowed him to sustain his business through huge transition in our industry. The wisdom he shares will save you years of ‘learning the hard way.’”
-Tom Menrath, Manager of American Music and Sound’s Music Creation Division
“Dave Hampton hones his years of engineering and business experience to bring a fresh perspective to the field of audio recording. His advice comes straight from the recording trenches and provides the kind of information you won’t find in any other book. Listen up!”
- Maureen Droney, Author, Mixmasters: Platinum Engineers Share Their Secrets for Success
“This book is a must read for all aspiring audio engineers who will have to navigate their way though this ever-changing audio industry. Dave gives you essential tips on different avenues to make money and succeed in the world of audio!”
- Maximino, Music Producer/ freelance Audio Engineer- BET’s 106 & Park, CBS, and Fox News


EDUCATORS: There is a Teacher’s Guide that corresponds to this text that aides in preparing classroom participation, quizzes and tests. If you would like a review copy of the book to consider it for adoption, please contact us and we can send it to you right away.

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WAVES Certification Bundle

The Waves Certification Program is an extensive training curriculum that provides a high-quality, standardized means of mastering Waves plug-ins and the concepts behind them. You’ll learn the fundamentals of working with Waves processors and get hands-on experience with tools like Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Compressor, C1 Parametric Compander, Renaissance Reverb, and SuperTap Delay.

Plus, you will own these 5 plug-ins!

You’ll gain mastery over the Waves user interface on multitrack “mix-minus” sessions using directed demonstrations and Waves’ acclaimed OpenMix technology. You’ll solve common mix problems using Waves processors, and get tested for the Waves Certification. Once you pass the exam, you’ll receive a framing quality diploma directly from Waves and a Waves Certification Program t-shirt to commemorate your achievement.